Event Design - 2011 Mid Atlantic CCDC

Mid-Atlantic CCDC 2010

The theme for this cyber-security competition was drawn from the concept of ninjas (vs. pirates). We created unique ASCII art graphics that were used throughout materials and at all scales. We developed a custom WordPress theme for the competition that allowed the yearly ‘re-skinning’ to match each year’s event scenario.

As part of the marketing campaign, we incorporated the yearly event scenario throughout marketing collateral to create engaging experiences for users to connect with pre-event and post-event. In addition to the website, we developed custom t-shirts, badges, stickers, buttons, binders, notepads, event brochures, to name a few.

The MA CCDC provides undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to defend real networks from seasoned professional penetration testers; and engages participants to experiment with cutting edge technologies in a fun, educational, and competitive environment.




Screen Printing Detail, Created with Generative Art


Responsive Website