Juan P Botero
Cant Chant (Wegrewhere) 2007, Venice Biennale

My Story

is being written every day.

It spans two decades exploring design, marketing, technology, and our human experience. My journey has been guided by profound technical curiosity, boundless creative vision, and a sophisticated design acumen.

As a seasoned professional, I have steered numerous brands through the evolving landscape of communications, navigating from traditional print to the dynamics of web, video, and social media. I enjoy distilling complex ideas into visually stunning, user-focused designs that blend aesthetics and utility. My hands-on leadership style has been instrumental in the conceptualization and execution of comprehensive branding strategies, event design, marketing campaigns, presentations, and many more touch-points both physical and digital.

My personal passions include experimenting with projection mapping, learning and playing with Artificial Intelligence, and capturing life’s most enjoyable moments, all of which continually inspire my professional work and vision.


and inspiration drive exceptional work and open the door to infinite possibilities.


shapes strategy, creating frameworks for engaging and impactful experiences.


empowers brands with a distinctive voice and aligns tactics with clear, purpose-driven goals.


revolutionizes our ability to connect with and engage customers in unprecedented ways.

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