What is Content Marketing?

In marketing, as in most things, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Content marketing is just one component of the overall marketing strategy. As its name implies, the content itself is the marketing vehicle. There are many forms of content marketing, from YouTube videos and audio-only podcasts to white papers or photo blogs, the message is successful if it resonates and connects with the desired audiences.

There’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to creating compelling content. Storytelling plays a big role to convey memorable information and create a tangible call to action. More specifically, emotion and originality provide a foundation upon which words and imagery act as building blocks to create meaningful content.

The list below is an overview of the different opportunities for content marketing:


It’s like the new ‘plaza or mall’ where people hang out and meet up, except virtually. And whether you like it or not, it will only continue to grow. Some industry leaders say we will inevitably spend more time interacting virtually than physically, and we may already be there if you’re reading this post.

Some social media tactics include:
– Create a publishing calendar and stick with it. Plan and leave some room for play.
– Create a custom FB PAGE. But don’t stop there! Engage audiences with rich content and provide an environment for open communication with polls, a reward for referrals, promotions, specials, etc.
– A small budget can go a LONG way if you have the time to think creatively.
– Invest in quality rather than quantity.


Probably the most common marketing tool is having a blog (such as this one) and archiving/showing your work, sharing tips, voicing your opinion, etc. Like old fashioned ‘private’ journals, except open for the world to see how you think.


Yes, they are fun, but a well-produced, captivating, and informative video doesn’t write, shoot and edit itself. There are narratives to be written and lights to be cast. From the creative brief, to properly planning A/B roll needs, and editing, the final video should convey the message, emotion, and action.


All content must be well designed, and in some cases, the design itself is sometimes the main content. From social media posts to company events, design touches everyone, and it conveys value such as quality and craftsmanship.
– For brands of all sizes, create a hidden web page with current and approved one-page guidelines which explain how to use the logo and include logo formats (white/black/color and vector).


Why not engage audiences with some competitive entertainment? We all love to play, and everyone can be a winner! People are on social media to interact, comment, and share other’s posts. Go on and give it a spin, try something fun, then adjust and repeat.


Creating original, compelling content is not only a useful marketing tool, but it also improves SEO by having more content for search engines to crawl. However, there are many variables in search engine algorithms such as site structure and meta information, originality of the content, the frequency of updates, the website’s usability, and more.

First, make an internal SEO audit and improve ALL meta information. Create or improve the site map, use descriptive page names, and make content accessible. Finally implement advanced Google Analytics for tracking all inbound links (emails, social media, partners, etc.) and monitor users’ activity on the website. Find entry and exit points to improve sales.

Content Marketing is Permission-Based Marketing

The concept introduced by Seth Godin builds on the idea of giving the consumer the option to accept to receive content in exchange for something.

– For example, clients can sign up for a weekly recipe from the local meat market or juice bar, to receive a white paper or free consultation from a local business.

In conclusion, it is the strategic blend of all tactics which achieve the overall goals. What works in one scenario may not work in another. However, an underlying structure can help drive execution, implementation, measurement, and improvements.