Building Better Brands


It all starts with an idea of a product or a service. That idea carries emotion and a reason to believe which leads to having people ‘buy-in’ the idea. I help bring that idea to life and build brands that audiences can connect with in print, the web, and video.


No one tactic works in it of itself. It is the integration and coordination of tactics that lead to an integrated marketing approach.  I help connect the dots and manage campaigns across media with a holistic approach to the 7 ‘P’s of marketing, ‘IMC’ brings the design, marketing, sales, technology, and the entire organization to function as a whole.


Is unique to each brand. I help organizations develop a competitive advantage in the marketplace and throughout the customer journey. Each interaction with the customer presents an opportunity to reinforce the brand’s personality and the reason of being. It’s a fine balancing act to blend creativity with business goals to bring ideas to reality.